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Clarisonic In The NewsPro Secrets
InStyle – August 2009
“A dull complexion is the biggest complaint,” says Airan. Her solution: Wash with a mild soap and face-cleansing brush to remove dead skin, then dust on a light-reflecting powder throughout the day. “I keep an extra compact in my desk for when I need a boost,” she says.
Clarisonic In The NewsNext of Skin
People – July 24, 2006
Cameron Diaz must be pretty chummy with beau Justin Timberlake’s mother: Mama JT recently bought the lovebirds matching Clarisonic skin-care brushes because they were such fans of hers. Meant to cleanse, stimulate and clarify the skin, the vibrating brush is also favored by Mary J. Blige, who requested sets for herself and her husband. If smooth skin didn’t run in the family before, it might now.
Clarisonic In The NewsIs Your Skin Ready For Summer
Essence – June 2006
1. Cleanse.
2. Moisturize
3. Treat
Combination. Avoid both breakouts and flaky-skin flare-ups with proper cleansing. “The patented Clarisonic cleanser is a motorized brush that loosens everything, gently,” Graf says.
Clarisonic In The NewsClean Deep Down to the Pores
Houston Style – April 6-12, 2006
Clarisonic is the New Wave to Clear Skin. The primary inventor of the Sonicare toothbrush, now directing a new company and team of specialists, proudly introduces a breakthrough technology in skin care: the Clarisonic Skin Care Brush. Used pre-treatment by top deratologists and spas throughout the country, this propretary sonic technology has proven to be instrumental in improving facial cleansing, the first and most important step in any beauty regimen. Building from Clarisnoic’s tremendous in-office success, the makers of Clarisonic now bring the device to the home through top retails nationwide… [Read More]
Clarisonic In The NewsFlawless Skin: 10 Best Tips You Haven’t Heard Before
Marie Claire – June 2006
According to Diana Howard, VP of research and development for Dermalogica skincare, American women wash their faces for an average of just 20 seconds, once a day. This shockingly short regime, she says, rarely removes all the makeup, products, sebum, and environmental grime that has collected on your complexion by the day’s end. The result? Increased breakouts – plus a filmy layer over the skin that inhibits penetration of skin treatments. To combat, she suggests washing two times in a row, twice a day, with a gentle cleanser (to avoid over-stripping) and extending each cleansing period to 60 seconds. MC RECOMMENDS: Dermalogica PreCleanse for your first wash, your regular clenaser for the second. Another option: Cleanse with the new Clarisonic Skin Care Brush (from the creators of the Sonicare toothbrush). Studies show that the brush (plus soap) cleans skin nearly twice as well as plain soap and water – and the vibrating action is preset to last for one minute, so you can’t give your skin a short shrift.
Clarisonic In The NewsPower Tool Soft Scrubbers
Allure – March 2005
Clean freaks have two new weapons. The $195 Clarisonic Skin Care Brush has soft nylon bristles that oscillate at about 300 movements per second, removing ten times more dirt and oil than manual washing in company tests. “It’s plausible that the oscillating motion could remove more blackhead-causing dirt and oil, but I’d like to see peer-reviewed studies,” says dermatologist Neil S. Sadick. “It’s certainly not as harsh on skin as a washcloth or grainy scrub, though.” The #39.99 Neutrogena At Home MicroDermabrasion System comes with a rotating sponge and a cream containing aluminum-oxide crystals intended to boost cell turnover and reduce lines and dark spots. In double-blind studies, 11 uses gave results similar to two in-office microdermabrasion treatments. Still, says Sadick, “since you’re not propelling the crystals onto skin as microdermabrasion does, this is more like a scrub – with a little extra pressure to work it in.” Bottom Line: The tools were soft and brightened our skin in a few weeks.

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