Tweezerman No Slip Skin Care Tool – Whitehead/Blackhead Remover

 Tweezerman Whitehead/Blackhead Remover features a thin angled loop to gently roll out white heads and a flat side to press out blackheads. Tweezerman Whitehead/Blackhead Remover is designed in square ‘smooth-touch’. Cleanse skin and disinfect tool before and after use. Features a textured “no slip” grip design for ultimate hand-control.

Flat side works to gently roll out mature whiteheads. Angled loop is designed to press out blackheads. Solid Stainless Steel.

How To Use:
First disinfect or sterilize Tweezerman Whitehead/Blackhead Remover. Use after steamy shower, facial sauna, or a hot towel to open pores.

For whiteheads:
Wait until the whitehead breaks open the skin. Then gently roll the wire over the whitehead.

For blackheads:
Press down the flat side of Tweezerman Whitehead/Blackhead Remover directly over blackhead to gently remove. Disinfect area when finished.

Clean with cotton and alcohol.

Do not squeeze out whiteheads or blackheads with your fingers. You can aggravate the problem and damage the skin.

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