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Dr. Hauschka restores and balances skin’s health holistically using biodynamic and organic plant ingredients. Certified natural, Dr. Hauschka grows and harvests biodynamic gardens, internationally practices fair trade with organic farmers and uses eco-friendly packaging. Each plant and mineral ingredient is chosen for its unique active qualities, as well as its ethical and sustainable growth. Dr. Hauschka harnesses plants’ rhythms and energies to restore the skin’s own natural vitality.

Dr. Hauschka Skin Care

The Dr. Hauschka skin care line is steeped in history dating back to the early 1900s. Based on the Anthroposophy work of Dr. Rudolf Steiner, the line has grown from simple homeopathic medicines into a 100% natural organic skin care product line designed to guide skin back to a healthy, beautiful state.

Dr. Hauschka’s approach to skin care is beneficial to the skin as well as the planet. Each ingredient used is certified all natural, containing only the highest quality plant and mineral extracts. They are carefully chosen for their effects on the skin and how they interact with other ingredients. Nothing is used unless it comes from an ecologically and ethically sound source. This includes the packaging for the products, which enables the products to be free of artificial preservatives.

The original mission statement of the Dr. Hauschka line came to be in 1935 when Dr. Hauschka and his colleagues opened the pharmaceutical company WALA Heilmittel. This mission statement, “To support the healing of humanity and the earth,” remains the company’s goal today. It speaks volumes about the Dr. Hauschka company, its manufacturer, WALA Heilmittel, as well as the company’s business practices, production methods, and the very nature of the products themselves.

Aspiring to be part of a culture of care, the Dr. Hauschka company is powered by principle. Well-being in the world is their number one priority. From the ecologically sound methods of growing and sourcing ingredients to their unique manufacturing processes, Dr. Hauschka and WALA Heilmittel stand proudly by their natural skin care products and holistic approach to beautiful skin.

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