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Bioelements Multi-Task Mascara Black – 0.25 oz

Bioelements Multi-Task Mascara is fragrance free and fortified with wheat protein, vitamin E, chamomile and comfrey that help strengthen, condition, and soothe the lashes. Bioelements Multi-Task Mascara plumps up and lengthens the lashes and includes extra lash brush to define and separate.

How To Use:
Separate lash hair with Bioelements Extra Lash Brush. Using side of Bioelements Multi-Task Mascara brush, start at lash base and brush upwards. Use tip to ‘retrieve’ hidden lashes at the outer and inner corner.

Bioelements Multi-Task Mascara Features:
• Includes extra lash brush to define and separate.
• Fragrance free.
• Bioelements Multi-tasking Mascara volumizes, lengthens and darkens lashes.
• Lash conditioning formula prevents lashes from becoming brittle.
• Quick-drying formula does not smudge or flake.

Key Ingredients:
Bioelements Multi-Task Mascara contains: Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein (builds resilience and strength), Tocopherol Acetate – Vitamin E (moisturizes lashes keeping them supple), Chamomile Extract (antibacterial and anti-inflammatory), Comfrey Extract (calming and soothing)

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